Jobs and Economy

  • Foster a pro-business environment that creates the best paying jobs and ensures economic prosperity
  • Cut bureaucratic red tape and overregulation that stifles job creation and economic growth
  • Eliminate all forms of corporate welfare that give taxpayer dollars to Fortune 500 companies and owners of professional sports franchises


  • Promote the appropriate use of Florida Forever funds to acquire and manage land for future generations.
  • Address the potential for saltwater intrusion into the South Florida acquifer.
  • Prevent further development west into the Everglades.


  • Invest in early childhood education initiatives
  • Fight for greater accountability to ensure our tax dollars are invested directly into classrooms
  • Ensure better pay for teachers – not bonuses for bureaucrats
  • Opposing federal mandate that limit opportunities for our children and grandchildren
  • Support an increase in per-student funding for VPK and K-12 students.
  • Expand Florida’s best and brightest program to compensate our most effective teachers.
  • Provide elementary teachers with $500 stipends to purchase materials and resources for our youngest students.

Public Safety

  • Ensuring police officers and first responders have the resources necessary to keep our children and schools safe
  • Working with our police departments to increase the number patrols and officers in our neighborhoods
  • Enhancing communication between our residents and police departments to optimize response time

Traffic and Tolls

  • Lower the cost of tolls and bring relief to everyone who drives on our roads and expressways
  • Advocate for solutions to alleviate traffic by advancing Miami-Dade County’s Smart Plan
  • Explore new modes of transportation like bus rapid transit and trolley systems


  • Oppose all tax increases – including hidden fee increases
  • Fight to lower property taxes and increase the homestead tax exemption for seniors over the age of 65
  • Support pro-business tax cuts and legislation

Lowering Property Insurance Rates

  • Eliminating fraud, abuse, and frivolous lawsuits that lead to rate increases
  • Advocating for lower property insurance rates – particularly by opening the marketplace to new insurance companies
  • Fighting to change rules and regulations to help consumers after natural disasters
  • Holding insurance companies accountable to consumers, not to their bottom line


  • Enhance and expand the use of telemedicine.
  • Promote a value-based model of healthcare that promotes comprehensive treatment — and, therefore, healthier patients.
  • Expand health insurance access to Florida’s 230,000 uninsured children.


  • Prevent the “sweeping” of funds to fill budget holes from the Sadowski Fund, which was meant to encourage affordable housing.
  • Lower homeowners insurance rates by addressing frivolous “assignment of benefits” lawsuits
  • Increase the Homestead Exemption for seniors by $25,000.
Political advertisement paid for and approved by Vance Aloupis, Republican, for State Representative, District 115.
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